Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hey, Look! Cookies!

Tonight's make is a batch of chocolate chip cookies for J to take to work with him, done off my mother's recipe, which is the 1960s Betty Crocker. Which is not the same as the 1990s Betty Crocker, we've discovered along the way. 1960s Betty believed in more shortening, since these are cookies and not health food. Jolon assures me that they will be quite popular.
Today was about catch up, it seemed. I took a pattern for a hoopskirt over to the same friend who is making the chemise, and we had a good laugh at some of the methods suggested. Something tells me that hoops that are connected with twist ties are not built to last. She just wanted the general idea of the hoopskirt and the dimensions anyhow, so it should work out beautifully. Lu and I were going to go to Babies Love Books next, but halfway across town, I heard peaceful little baby snores from the backseat, so I decided to do a couple errands instead.
Next, we were off to Six Flags to fill out all the initial paperwork for employment. Alas, I brought Lu's Social Security card instead of my own. Whoops. When we finished, J was getting off for lunch, so we enjoyed it together. It was wonderful to see each other in daylight on a weekday, and Lu continues to looooove strawberry banana smoothies. I just have to do training, but I'm just about in.
However, I need a uniform, and as part of the entertainment backstage area, I need to rock all black. Luckily, I found a couple sets of not-terrible pants a few weeks ago, so that just left me with polo shirts. I figured it would be easy, since the Target near home had them on clearance. And yet. The Vallejo Target didn't have them. So I figured I'd check the thrift stores for the shirts. Might make things easier, you know? It was just not my day after that. Not only did I not find any shirts, but I had three near misses in traffic, I got the finger for daring to stay in my lane at speed limit, I got cut in line, and I discovered that my favorite thrift shop is having its parking lot redone, so the competition for parking was fierce. I ended up giving up on that particular shop and heading for home. I stopped off at the Fairfield Target and acquired my shirts, after discovering that I left Lu's wipes at the park. Rawr.
The day was bound to get better. J's poker game is cancelled, so I get to go out to dinner with my family for my birthday tomorrow, and I heated up a fantastic potato leek soup that I found at Grocery Outlet for fifty cents. I know it's an hour before my bedtime, but I'm considering turning in early. Maybe one of my skills books has a section on putting frustration behind you.

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