Friday, September 16, 2011

Mystery Make!

Since my sister reads this blog, I won't be talking about what I made for her today. She'll receive it next week, before her birthday, so I feel pretty awesome about that. I'm still stuck on what to do for my grandmother, though. Perhaps a nice necklace or something along those lines...
We also visited our neighbor who runs a daycare. She's willing to take Lu for the full time for when I work the full day at Six Flags, so we're set there. She has a great group of kids, too, and they already adore Lu big time. She was a little shy to start, but she was making friends by the time we needed to go. Hopefully she'll still be happy when Mommy has to go away.
Then we walked the mile down to the post office to mail the present and pick up stamps. I think I was a bit refreshing to the postal worker who helped me, since I was interested in the different styles of stamps available. The next letters I send out will have scientists, the Statue of Liberty and astronauts on them, which I'm sure will thrill my mother and grandmother, who totally check out what stamp you used on the letter.
When we got out of the post office, Lu was out completely. Her neck looked uncomfortable, so I dropped the back of the stroller down for her. Her little feet looked so cute stretched out and relaxed. I was joking last week with my in-laws that there are many features on strollers that should totally be on wheelchairs, too--the basket underneath for stuff, the reclining back, the cup holders, the tray for snacks, the ability to unfold it one-handed, and the nifty shade overhead for the occupant. I suppose all that stuff would make a wheelchair way too expensive and too heavy for most people.
The mile each way really felt pretty good. With the weather finally cooling down, I think I'll be doing it more often when I get the chance. Doesn't it just figure that as it finally cools down enough to be active in the middle of the day, I have to be active at work again? No complaining, naturally, as I really want to work, but I also really like to take long walks. Alas.
Training tomorrow, and then making some magic in the sewing room. I need to make that 18th century dress mucho pronto.

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  1. I swear to anything holy, that I never had a daughter that I gave up at birth, but if I did, she would have been you! So funny, your comments about 'recycling' and the books. I saw a cross stitch that was done during the depression once, if you know how to graph those things, let me know: Use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without...
    btw, I learned how to make laundry detergent this week, if you want to know send me a pm on fb. Actually makes air dried laundry not 'quite' as scratchy as regular detergent. not quite...