Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrifty, Nifty and Wise

I've been reading two books called "How to Build a Fire" and "How to Sew a Button" for the past couple weeks. They're about things our grandparents knew that for one reason or another we just don't. A friend of mine and I got to talking about them a while ago, because she was picking up the grandmother one for her almost-daughter-in-law. They're both filled with a variety of old-fashioned skills that we all should know, some of which we already do. I know how to sew a button, but I learned with rapt attention how to make bread and some of the other skills. I've been pulling them out of the library, but I think I might try to pick them up on the used market. There are a lot of little things that are important to know--how to darn socks, how to properly build a fire, how to clean your entire house with vinegar, how to comfort a friend, how to write a love letter. We need these things nowadays, and they've gotten lost in the shuffle.
My mother-in-law is coming up on Wednesday with a couple friends to plant Jolon's Christmas present--a few new plants for the front yard. I need to prep the house. It's not that she will be inspecting it--she's just not that kind of mother-in-law. It's just that I want to present a pleasant home to guests, and my home just doesn't scream gracious and lovely currently. It screams, "Someone who throws toys and food on the floor lives here, and she keeps the grown-ups busy enough that mopping doesn't always happen at the right time. Watch where you step!" I spent this evening on dishes and general tidying, and then I'll hit it hard tomorrow during breakfast. After Babies Love Books at the library, we need to run down to the HR department at Six Flags to register and get set up. I'm their newest overhire! Yay!
J has ice cream. I want some. But first, I need to cut his hair. I'm off to make the world better!

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