Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Succeed--a short training program

Ugh. I slept like a pile of rocks glued together with sap until I had to get up for training today. Fortunately, the good folks at Six Flags believe in air conditioning, so I never fell asleep, but I was dragging otherwise today. It's nice to get everything about a company in one place at one time like that, though. I already know what bothers the company greatly, what can get me noticed, and what can get me fired. Good on them. That's the way it should be.
Their big rule is about cell phones. they're off and they don't come out on the clock or in view of guests. Thank you! There's nothing more irritating than taking five seconds to choose between Sprite and Barq's, only to discover that the cashier has taken this opportunity to text his best bud about how lame earning money is. I don't care how old this makes me sound--sometimes I want to take phones out of people's hands and smack them on the head with them. Middle of the sidewalk? Not the place to update your facebook, people, especially when there are other people on the sidewalk--walking! Wait for a natural stop, like a crosswalk, or pull over out of the walkway. I'm looking at you, too, Mr. Texts-in-the-Terminal-While-Sauntering-to-the-Next-Flight. If you can saunter, you can text at the gate, pal. I have a 45 minute connection with a *baby* mister, and I personally think your grey pinstripe would like even better with stroller tracks up the back. Where was I? Phones. People of my world? Most of you are not so integral to the system that you must be connected at all times. Turn off the distraction once in a while, and answer the voicemails in a couple hours. Real friends will understand that you had to turn off the phone for the show, or that you were too busy to answer their fifteen texts asking what you are doing (oddly enough). Focus is not a bad thing.
That's not to say that I don't support cell phones in their place. I dig being able to call my mother from the store to let her know about a cool new thing I found. It's awesome to step out of work and call my husband to let him know that I'm on my way home. I adore a good text message for information rather than a half hour phone conversation. Just like anyone else, I enjoy the ease of connection and the ability to chat with family while in the passenger seat or the post office line or the grocery store. But the cell phone has its place, and when you are using it to remind the people you are with that you would rather not be with them, it's inappropriate. Gah.
J and I went to Barnes and Noble today for a few minutes, since we had a coupon. He got his lego fix with a small architecture set, and then we went to find some all black shoes for me for work. While we were at B&N, though, I found a couple books that make me giggle, both by the same lady: Knit the Royal Wedding and Knitivity. I kind of want to learn to knit now, so I can make the nativity entirely out of yarn for my mother for Christmas. It brings new meaning to the dorky homemade look, I'll tell you that. I tried to call her from the store and then remembered that she was at a Christmas convention today. Up until about five years ago, I really didn't know such things existed, but they make her happy, so there you go.
As you've already guessed, I was a lazy pants and made nothing today. I guess I just have to be better tomorrow.

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  1. I would love to learn to knit. I know some basics but would love to learn to do socks...I wish there was a loom for that!

    And on the other more important part of the training... Did your training involve the concessions clerks? I've always had horrible times with concessions at that park. I was once told - "I don't know how to make change" by a clerk. When I tried to purchase a soda with a twenty.