Thursday, September 15, 2011

more baking

I was tired today, so I baked a loaf of lemon bread while Lu napped. Sometimes when you're that wiped, you shouldn't be around scissors and moving needles. J was my hero when he came home--he took care of Lu while I laid down and read my birthday present--The Help!
My gig has been moved up at Six Flags, so tomorrow is all about finding Lu some childcare. Our babysitter of choice does not watch kids past 5:30, and I know that if J and I carpool, it's going to be after 6:15 most nights when we can pick her up. My major hope right now is the daycare across the street works out--the location can't be beat, and she's really nice. Oh, I hope.
After that, tomorrow is about going into the sewing room. I watch Project Runway every week, and I get inspired, though sometimes in the "Holy cats! Who wears that?" way. I need to make some more interview wear, as I've been assured that I'll be getting a callback at another place--this one would be full time management with benefits! It's hard to tell how many people are up for it, or where I stand, but they seemed to dig me, and my mother is utterly convinced they would be lucky to have me. How lucky I am to have a Mom who believes in me!
I also need to make my sister's birthday present and my grandmother's, first thing in the morning so I can send them out immediately. It's one thing to be maybe a couple days late, but I tend to be a couple weeks late or not at all when it comes to the September birthdays, and that's not fair. I think I have a good design idea for my sister, but I'm going to need to sit in the sewing room for a while for an idea for Grandma. I know she will appreciate and enjoy anything I send, but I also want to be doing something fantastic for her. She crafts for herself as well, so it's not like she's lacking for wallhangings and pillows and such. She does enjoy a good Lu picture, though, so we're going to do a photo shoot tomorrow. Maybe we'll get more than two steps out of her!

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